Consumption Weeks 44

My notes from some of the media I consumed this week.


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  • The bird usually flies at a speed of 6.2- 37 mph (10-60 kph), but around the typhoon, the movement speed captured by the GPS was between 55-105 mph (90 to 170 kph). This probably means that the bird’s speed was affected as it may have been caught in the eye of the storm.
  • The bird was found to be soaring at an altitude of 2.9 miles (4,700 meters) versus its usual altitude between 0.3 and 1.8 miles (600 and 3,000 meters).
  • The bird returned to the sea around the same time as the typhoon, covering a circle of 712 miles (1,146 km) over 11 hours.

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  • [An] investigation of the UK Biobank revealed that sunscreen use was linked to a more than twofold increase in the chance of acquiring skin cancer.

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  • Choose Planet A’s the Good Cup is glued together with a water-based coating, called aqueous, that makes it leak-proof, recyclable (up to seven times), and even biodegradable. “If you throw it in the water or the forest,” Choose Planet A’s co-founder and managing director Cyril Drouet says, “it will biodegrade and disappear.” The cup also has a foldable paper lid, cutting the need for a plastic top.


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  • Demand for the rare-earth magnets that help power EVs and wind turbines is skyrocketing. But rare-earth mining decimates ecosystems. Minnesota-based Niron Magnetics’ Clean Earth Magnet is made from iron and nitrogen, both abundant and affordable materials, eliminating the need for rare-earth mining. Niron’s magnets are also stronger than their rare-earth counterparts.

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  1. Sleep 7-9-hours a night.
  2. Light
    1. Mornings: Aim to get 30mins outdoor natural light exposure. If you live in a region of the world with dark winter mornings, use a blue-light box or sunrise lamp for 15-30mins within an hour of waking
    2. Evenings: The key is minimizing light intensity and blue-light exposure. The lowest hanging fruit is as follows:
      1. Use soft side lighting and keep rooms lowly lit.
      2. Use F.lux on your laptop.
      3. Make your bedroom a tech-free zone, and keep it blacked out during sleep.
      4. Turn off intense blue-lighting – like TV’s – around an hour before bed.
      5. Wear blue-light blocking glasses.
  3. Food
    1. Be consistent with regular meal timing: don’t have erratic eating patterns.
    2. Breakfast (high fat low carb) like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper for fat loss. Consume your largest daily calorie meal earlier in the day, i.e. before 3pm.
    3. Provide your body with distinct feed/fast cycles (TRF/IF) that align with your daily wake/sleep and active/inactive cycles.

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  • Alonso, Fangio, Button, Max Verstappen, Ascari

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  • Waterproof OR breathable, not both at the same time

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  • Hilarious. >1400 hours of scammer time wasted.

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  • Time-insensitive compute tasks when renewable energy supply is higher than general energy demand to avoid curtailment.

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  • £1,000,000 for a delipidated terrace house in London. But the renovation is incredible!

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  1. Make it about them - focus on benefits
  2. Make it an event - nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd
  3. Powerful demonstration - USE PHYSICS!
  4. Show unquestionable proof - use experts like doctors or influencers
  5. Change a daily behaviour - like adding MCT oil to your coffee (bulletproof coffee)
  6. Sell the dream - Nike makes you believe you can jump like Michael Jordan
  7. Help them rebel - stick it to “the man”

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  1. Learn (10 years)
    1. Prioritise learning and networking over money
    2. Change jobs/careers every ~18 months to maximise learning
    3. Find your edge
      1. Shared: young and eager, small and helpless; lots of free time; nothing to lose
      2. Personal: unique combination (2-3) of skills/interests - find, or decide and create
    4. Surround yourself with similar people (motivation, dreams)
      1. Share learnings and support
      2. You can see others not much different from you succeeding
      3. Can be a start-up or a company
      4. Often involves physically moving cities
    5. Work on the A+ problem
      1. Whatever role you’re in, investigate to find the real A+ problem (or a way to make a big difference), come up with potential solutions, then pitch management (even CEO) to work on it full time (also good for networking/becoming known)
    6. Create luck
      1. Do more - create (good) content (which forces you to think and learn) and share it
    7. Start a service agency company
      1. Aim for 10 customers paying £10k/mo (B2B) (or 25x4 → £100k) → take a cut of their new profits
      2. Look on Upwork/Fiverr etc for existing ones that you could do myself or you could cheaply hire people to do e.g. web dev, marketing
  2. Earn
    1. Invest in yourself, not stocks etc
      1. Buy back time (e.g. housekeeper, chef)
      2. Knowledge (books, groups, members clubs)
      3. Leave money on table (e.g. say no to bad clients)
  3. Legacy
  • Earn money and develop skills before trying to make impact

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  • Japan’s share of the global stock market grew from less than 1% in 1950 to 40% by 1988.

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