Consumption Week 26

My notes from some of the media I consumed this week.


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  • Storage-as-transmission: Batteries strategically placed at congested nodes where load profiles of limited capacity lines allow energy to be stored when loads ease to offset later demand spikes.
  • Grid-enhancing technologies: Dynamic Line Ratings, or DLR, can expand a transmission line’s carrying capacity in real time based on readings from sensors throughout the system. Advanced Power Flow Control moves electricity away from overloaded lines to streamline energy delivery. Topology Optimization uses multi-factor awareness to maximize a system’s carrying capacity.
  • Economic overbuilding: “If transmission bottlenecks remain formidable, and if the costs of renewables and storage keep falling, overbuilding might be more economic than dealing with queue and permitting obstacles,”
  • Engaging customers: Flattening customers’ peak demand during the 5% to 10% of system hours that cause reliability threats.

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  • In a single revolution, the turbine can generate a whopping 34.2 kWh of electricity and 66GWh in a calendar year, enough to power 25,000 households.

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  • “Our process can handle hard-to-recycle plastics, contaminated plastics, mixed plastics and plastics containing additives (like colors) again and again, and now textiles in a low-heat environment that is carbon neutral.”

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  • Using an “advanced plastics recycling” technique called pyrolysis, post-consumer plastics delivered to the Brightmark plant are subjected to intense heat in an oxygen-starved environment until their molecules shake apart, yielding a type of oil similar to plastic’s petroleum feedstock, along with some waste byproducts.
  • There’s a real lack of transparency about how much plastic they’re recycling and what their end product — pyrolysis oil — will actually be used for.
  • Powell says his aim is 100 percent circularity, plastic to plastic, “and we’re going to be relentless in that pursuit.” But while the market matures and prices for recycled plastic drop, he admits that as “an interim step” some pyrolysis oil could be sold as fuel (to power airplanes, trucks and other heavy transportation).

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  • Profits (adjusted for inflation) were about 1 percent above their pre-pandemic level in the first quarter of this year. Meanwhile, compensation of employees (also adjusted) was about 2 percent below trend.

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