Consumption Week 2

My notes from some of the media I consumed this week.


[Brave New Earth] S1E6: Kieran White, Founder of Return

  • Don’t fully get the concept. Reminds me of the Buffett quote below.
  • A 22yo with $2.5m in funding, starting from a friend/business acquaintance… Impressive, but given the above, curious how it turns out.

[The Big Green Money Show] Going Nuclear with Rolls-Royce CEO

  • Palm oil is mostly sustainable now, and consuming less could cause producers to shift to worse options. But it’s still not healthy.
  • Community Clothing ( for reasonably-priced British-made clothing with known suppliers.

[How to be a CEO] Lime’s Wayne Ting: Optimism in a crisis

  • How about rent-a-single-person-car, so you have rain cover and take some luggage? Still park 2~3 to a normal parking space.

[Founders] #81 Rolls-Royce: The First Forty Years

  • PSD: poor, smart, and determined.
  • Find an existing market and improve it, e.g. make the best cars.
  • Treat your life as an RPG - where do I need skill points?

[Founders] #50 Marc Andreessen’s Blog Archive

  • Product market fit is most important. Also, a market needs to exist - trying to make one is very difficult.
  • Actively keep an eye out for opportunities (helping someone, attending an event) - put yourself in the best situations to get ahead.
  • Go to the best uni/company/location to be exposed to the best people.
  • Learning how to sell/persuade is the most important skill.
  • Life involves making tough decisions by yourself in the absence of good information and living with the consequences. This can be trained.

[Founders] #227 The Essays of Warren Buffett

  • If someone can’t explain their business/idea simply, they either don’t understand or are hiding something.
  • Focus/attention is the most important quality of a successful entrepreneur. Focus what you can do well, and outsource or ignore everything else.
  • Create something of value to those you want to get to know and they will find you.
  • Human relationships are the most important.

[My First Million] Binge On Business Ideas For 2023

  • Use emotional language in sales - beautiful, delicious, etc.
  • Become an expert and share advice - people will come to you and offer to pay for specific advice, or affiliate sales.

[World Changing Ideas] Best of WCI: Toilets, poop, and water conservation

  • The key is to separate liquids from solids.
  • Toilets that process on-site into a usable fertiliser instead of sewers are the future. Ties in with local small-scale farming.

[The James Altucher Show] How to Build the Future | Peter Thiel

  • Key predictor of turnover is lack of work friends.
  • Start with monopolising a small market.

[Founders] #104 The Founder of IKEA: Ingvar Kamprad

  • Started by simply buying and selling.
  • See an existing business and look for ways it could be done better.
  • Many super successful entrepreneurs ignore their family - and then regret it.
  • Happiest memories were early days - small team working together.

[Sliced Bread] Shampoo

  • Generally all shampoos are equal, although they can improve the appearance of hair.
  • Sulphate-free shampoos are probably better as they don’t remove too much natural oil.
  • Shampoo bars are better and liquids.
  • Most people use too much shampoo.
  • Natural hair styles depend on the hair follicle shape (genetics).

[The Tim Ferriss Show] #648: James Clear, Atomic Habits

  • The bad days matter more than the good days. Even if you only do 10% of what you hoped, that’s still more than 0.
  • Content creation and marketing:
    • A blog post can lead to a podcast which can lead to a TV interview which can lead to huge sales. It all starts by putting something out there.
    • Be aware of letting other platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) own your content and audience and leads. You could easily lose control.
    • Create to help - be thoughtful and genuine.
    • Personalise marketing materials e.g. “you might like this part”
  • Habits:
    • Build an identity by doing the actions that identity would do e.g. “I am the type of person who goes to the gym every day”
    • How you spend your time demonstrates your priorities.
    • Building a habit: Make it obvious, attractive, easy, satisfying. Find how by asking questions: “How can this be easy?" e.g. Meditation: a ॐ poster, a comfy chair, start with 60 seconds, eat chocolate after
    • Have pre-activity rituals to preprogramme action. e.g. Music when getting ready for the gym.

[Founders] #68 The Invisible Billionaire: Daniel Ludwig

  • He found his passion as a child and did it every waking hour.
  • He took advantage of loopholes and questionable activities, and kept a low profile.
    • But how did it find them? That would be the really useful thing to know.


No special notes for any of the below.


[Bloomberg Quicktake: Originals] Is CO2 Removal Ready for Its Big Moment?

  • It’s really nice to see the end-product of the carbon capture process!
  • The issue is still the economics, given releasing CO2 is cheap but capturing it is expensive, and there are no obvious re-use cases that I’m aware of at the current price point.

[Real Science] The Insane Biology of: Humans

  • Throwing - waist and shoulder adaptations.
  • Mammalian dive reflex.
  • High-altitude adaption - take more breaths, produce more nitric oxide.


Our Flag Means Death

  • Bloody hilarious. 5/5


Dry Eyes Treatment

  • Preservative-free (PF) artificial tears.
    • It seems the ones I use have a preservative, benzalkonium chloride. Perhaps I should change brand.
  • Meibomian gland dysfunction: heated rice sock (or similar) resting on eyes for 5~10mins to melt oil in glands.
    • Potentially one reason people get benefits from Bates palming?
  • Eyelid scrub: Hypochlorous acid 0.02% spray on a cotton ball and rub very gently back and forth on your lid margins where the eyelashes come out.

Mental Models: The Best Way to Make Intelligent Decisions (~100 Models Explained)

  • Some are directly useful, some seem less so. Some are a bit vague and would benefit from more concrete examples - it’s easy to make something sound good, but harder to explain to a five-year-old.

Binaural Beats vs. Solfeggio Frequencies

  • Binaurals seem more proven than solfeggio, but if I’m doing the former, might as well combine with the latter. Theta (4.32) + 432Hz for meditation?

This Family Has Been Living In The Middle Of A Roundabout For 40 Years


CES 2023 Robot Roundup: Bots to Make Our Lives Better, Easier, or Just More Fun

  • Japanese agritech startup Agrist’s simply-named “L” robot can identify and pick harvest-ready bell peppers with millimeter precision and through thickly-layered leaves.
  • John Deere says its ExactShot robotic planter can reduce the amount of starter fertilizer farmers use by more than 60 percent.
  • Aeo can be used for security, delivery, healthcare, and hospitality purposes. Aeo has two arms, one outfitted with grippers to pick up objects, open doors, or press buttons, and the other fitted with an L-shaped UV attachment to disinfect surfaces.
  • Ottonomy can do autonomous deliveries—where a door opens and a box is deposited on the ground—or attended deliveries, customer gets a text telling them the robot is there and a QR code to open the compartment.
  • Evar’s Parky robot provides 15kW DC charging per hour, juicing vehicles up with about 50 miles of range.
  • Richtech Robotics’ Adam robot has two arms with grip handles that can be customized to make various drinks.

This Japanese bra automatically unhooks when you find true love

  • Exercise not recommended?

  • “The team behind the survey told some participants that the average penis size was 18 centimetres (7 inches), while others were told it was 10 centimetres (4 inches). Men who were misled by the former claim were more likely to desire a sports car.”


[3MM] Ruthlessness, Babies & Girlboss Mode

  • Proximate is the more immediate “reason to” do a behaviour - sex feels good and gives you pleasure and love.
  • Ultimate is the “reason why” the behaviour was shaped that way by evolution - it creates offspring who continue your genetic line.

[CTVC] 🌎 $40B and 1,000+ deals in 2022 market downtick

  • Now’s an excellent time for climate tech! ../img/week2-investment.png