Consumption Week 38

My notes from some of the media I consumed this week.

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  • Roughly half of this pollution comes from burning fossil fuels to heat an oven, known as a kiln, to extremely high temperatures. The other half is generated by a chemical reaction that occurs within the limestone, a core ingredient in traditional cement, inside this hot kiln. Sublime’s technology eliminates both of these sources of pollution. The company employs a specialized electrical process capable of creating cement from certain types of rocks and industrial waste without releasing any harmful emissions or requiring the use of fossil fuels.

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  • 3D ocean farming: high yield, little freshwater consumption, positive environmental impact, low cost

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  • Race the rulebook, not the competition. Changing valve and port angles, using larger camshafts and valves, and optimizing airflow.

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  • Always have a “Honey, I’m home!” attitude, for everything
  • Enthusiasm → belief → action → results
  • Good stories: intention, obstacle, stakes
  • Is something stupid/wasteful/unethical, or are you just jealous? e.g. personal chef

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  • Adorable

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