Consumption Week 29

My notes from some of the media I consumed this week.

  • Calling winners correctly: BYD, SAIC, Geely, Dongfeng, Tesla, VW
  • Calling winners wrong: FAW, BAIC, Nissan, GM
  • Calling losers wrong: Ford, Mercedes
  • Calling losers right: Toyota, BMW, Dyson, Stellantis (then Fiat-Chrysler), BMW
  • Missed them completely: Hyundai and Kia

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  • The team utilized their discoveries in practical situations by integrating designs inspired by dragonflies into a 2D extruded airframe of a Boeing 777 wing at a 1:120 scale. The team observed a remarkable increase in the structural efficiency of the wings. The dragonfly design improved the out-of-plane stiffness by 25%, indicating the possibility of developing lighter and more efficient wing designs.

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  • Sport Gomihiroi (スポGOMIHIROI), lit. ‘sport picking up trash’, abbreviated to SpoGomi, is a sport invented in Japan in which teams collect garbage and litter with in a time limit and specified area. Invented in 2008, the first SpoGomi World Cup will be held in Japan in November 2023.

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  • Highest scores include Compact Gaming (9.4), Modular Grilling (9.3), AI Advertisement (9.1), Portable Appliance (9.1), AI Movie (8.8), Outdoor Fryer (8.8), Circular Pivot (8.7), and Menstrual Sanitation (8.7)

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  • Crunching some numbers based on the data. The median man will get 1 like and 0 matches a day; the median woman, 89 and 6. There’s no real solution except be in the top 10% of males.

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  • Non-selling activities still consume two-thirds of the average sales team’s time. Shared services structures and automation have helped top-quartile companies shave significant costs and improve sales productivity by as much as 30 percent.
  • Underperforming B2B sales teams spend a disproportionate amount of their time—more than 50 percent in some cases—serving customers that contribute 20 percent or less to the company’s revenues.

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  1. Kaizen: Seeking Continuous Improvement
  2. Ikigai: Finding Your Purpose
  3. Oubaitori: Avoiding Comparison to Others
  4. Wabi-Sabi: Embracing Imperfection
  5. Hara Hachi Bu: Eating Until You’re 80% Full
  6. Shikata Ga Nai: Accepting What You Cannot Change
  7. Shinrin-Yoku: Forest Bathing

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  • Patients are required to inject themselves with a hormonal medication of gonadotropins twice a day, with the aim of encouraging follicle growth to stimulate as many eggs as possible. This can lead to overstimulation of the ovaries, otherwise known as ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), which occurs in five percent of IVF and egg freezing cycles.
  • The procedure also carries mental health risks as a by-product of the influx of hormones it requires.
  • Prices range from £2,720 to £3,920 for an egg freezing cycle.
  • A 2018 study from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority in the U.K. found that the use of a patients’ own frozen eggs resulted in a live birth only 18 percent of the time per cycle.

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  • Depress the clutch as you would in any car, and pull the knob from its secure location out of first gear. Now you will become adrift in the zone known to early Porsche owners as “Neverland” and your quest will be to find second gear. Prepare yourself for a ten-second-or-so adventure. Do not go straight forward with the shift knob, as you will only find Reverse waiting there to mock you with a shriek of high-speed gear teeth machining themselves into round cylinders. Should you hear this noise, retreat immediately to the only easy spot to find in this transmission: neutral. This is a safe place, no real damage can occur here, but alas, no forward motion will happen either. From this harbor of peace, you can re-attempt to find second, but you may just want to go for any “port in a storm”, given that the traffic behind you is now cheering you on in your quest with vigorous horn-honks of support and encouragement.

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