Consumption Week 24

My notes from some of the media I consumed this week.

  • “It took just two weeks to build the parts and a single day to get the turbine up and spinning. That’s how fast green energy can get done when people work together.”
  • Spinning its eight-metre long blades, the turbine will generate up to 300kWh of power a day.

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  • The counter-intuitive discovery that air-transported green beans from Kenya could actually account for the emission of less carbon dioxide than British beans.

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  • According to the researchers, an average human might inhale 16.2 bits of microplastic every hour. So, the amount of microplastics we inhale in a week would be enough to make a plastic credit or debit card.

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  • A Finish-based firm has developed a novel concept of an intelligent warming wall, a digital warming surface product. You can use Halia to warm only the regions you require when you require it.

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  • During turbulent times, don’t aim for stability, focus on innovation. Experiment and disrupt yourself. Avoid the Risk-Aversion Tax (cost of not acting) - especially if a decision is reversible. Focus on taking small steps, not large risky jumps. Show and tell, not presentations and statistics.

Tags: Business, Innovation, Risk

  • Luck - growing up in a rapidly developing country which has lots to learn/copy from more developed ones; meeting the right people (through putting himself in the right place)
  • Hard working - tried and failed and tried again, put in the time.

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  • Another (smaller) Theranos: Laronde.
  • Warning signs: Only one person can get this great stuff to work; Legitimate questions are met with stonewalling; Important data are missing or kept secret.

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  • Bigger, heavier, more vibration, and lower revs

Tags: Motorbikes, Engines, Engineering

  • 8 parking spaces for each car.
  • 14% of the bridges are ‘functionally obsolete’.

Tags: Transport, Infrastructure

  • It started with the church!

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$\frac{1 litre}{100km}=\frac{10^{-3}m^{3}}{10^{5}m}=10^{-8}m^{2}=0.01mm^{2}$

$28mpg=\frac{28 miles}{1 gallon}=\frac{1 gallon}{28 miles}\approx\frac{4.5l}{45km}=\frac{4.5\times10^{-3}m^{3}}{45\times10^{5}m}=0.01mm^2$

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