Consumption Week 21

My notes from some of the media I consumed this week.

  • Prieto’s battery is designed to deliver five times the power density (20C discharge rate) and up to three times the energy density of conventional 2D batteries.

  • The novel “air generator,” or Air-gen, is made from materials with holes that are under 100 nanometers in length. This design can pull electricity from water droplets in the air.

  • Find, access and securely share net-zero data across industry, environment and finance.

  • What other destructive actions could be “offset”?

  • “Oh, it’s not a big deal, it’s just one little thing, not worth having a big argument about it. I’ll just give in.” Well, that seems generous, but it’s a really bad idea. You have to ask yourself, “Are you really, completely, 100% over this? You’re giving in? No animosity? You’re not secretly hoping that maybe they’ll do something for you in return or a little behavior change here or there?” Because if there’s anything at all when you’re giving in that you can feel bad about later, you’re nuking the relationship - you’re creating scar tissue with yourself.

  • Very funny, yet interesting.


  • I’d always wondered. Now I know. Kinda.

  • ~20,000 companies registered to a Chinese takeaway


  • Money laundering and dangerous products sold in the heart of London.