Consumption Weeks 45

My notes from some of the media I consumed this week.

  • Which small businesses do you spend money at where you can meet the owner?
  • How could I add value (i.e. help them)? → “What’s your biggest challenge?”
    • Sales and marketing
    • Financing and accounting
    • Operations and IT
    • Distribution and logistics
    • Customer service
    • Product
  • Sweat equity deal: Take cut of increased profits

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  • RACA
    • Receive: maintain eye contact, angle body towards speaker
    • Appreciate: mhm, nods
    • Summarise: “so what I understood is…”, “so what we’ve agreed is…”
    • Ask: open questions
  • Read the room/audience and adjust your tone, vocab, attitude, etc

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  • In 2022 Baringa had 114 partners, sharing profit of £185m. That’s an average of £1.6m per partner.
  • Like clockwork, this consulting business generates around 40% operating margins, every year. Profit per employee is steady, between £85k and £109k per year.
  • This isn’t one business: it’s a federation. A franchise model. Each partner is running their own small business, under the Baringa brand.
  • Each time, they’ve followed the same playbook: find who has built their expertise, relationships and reputation at another firm, and wants to do something entrepreneurial — and poach them.
  • Baringa built their climate change model to help them better serve clients. Over time, that model became a significant asset in itself — so much so they could sell it, to the tune of $100m.

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  • Nonetheless, the melting pot model that evolved in the northern states and then on the West Coast became, by the mid-20th century, the dominant ethos. Irish-Americans could keep their identity. So too Italian-Americans. Jewish-Americans could retain their traditions. As long as their allegiance was to America, its flag, and institutions. Disagree about everything else, but respect the elementary building blocks of nationhood.
  • Few occasions are sacred to the British but Remembrance weekend comes close. So when several hundred thousand Britons decide that the time we set aside for respecting our war dead is a good time to descend on the capital with genocidal chants, it is clear Britain has lost its way.
  • “The saddest thing my generation of veterans ever say to me is that they struggle to recognise the country they wore the uniform for. This is not it. We mustn’t allow it to become like this.”
  • Decades of immersion in the relativist mantras of multiculturalism (prioritise group differences over integration — and don’t dare offend anyone) and an insistence on the inviolable right to protest mean that the poor police officers on the ground are being left, by their confused bosses and terrified politicians, to deal with agitators who hate this country.

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  • Curating content is easier than creating

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