Consumption Week 34

My notes from some of the media I consumed this week.

If you’ve noticed the quantity of these links are reducing, it’s in part because, since a few weeks ago, I attempt to share one link publicly on in LinkedIn profile, and I don’t usually double-up here. These links can be seen here: I’m also trying to reduce my consumption in general.

  • La Saponara envisions a compostable wind turbine blade built with woven bamboo, mycelium and biomass from the agricultural waste from California’s Central Valley in place of fiberglass and balsa wood.

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  1. Compound yourself
  2. Have almost too much self-belief
  3. Learn to think independently → “I will fail many times, and I will be really right once”
  4. Get good at “sales”
  5. Make it easy to take risks
  6. Focus
  7. Work hard
  8. Be bold
  9. Be willful
  10. Be hard to compete with
  11. Build a network
  12. You get rich by owning things
  13. Be internally driven

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  • Social institutions start out more or less as games that only later become serious and even deadly. Science began as a series of riddling contests, religion as joyful collective celebrations, military institutions as ceremonial combat, economic systems as festive reciprocal exchanges. Originally, Huizinga believes, people came together to have a good time, and only later developed rules to make the game more lasting and interesting. Eventually the rules became binding, and people were forced to obey them.
  • “What the smartest people do on the weekend is what everyone else will do during the week in ten years.” “The next big thing will start out looking like a toy.”

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  • Third party recruiters are incentivized to get the deal done, not to risk the deal by negotiating hard for you.
  • [Internal recruiters are] incentivized, first and foremost, to follow the rules their head of department sets for them. This is true for how they evaluate candidates, who they let through, and how they read resumes. And it’s definitely true for how they negotiate.
  • Specifically, do not share with recruiters anything about your salary history, your salary expectations, where else you’re interviewing, and how far along in the process you are with other companies. In short, don’t share any information about money or other interviews. Do not say a number first — ever.
  • One exception to revealing information is this: Sometimes it can be useful to give your recruiter a rough estimate for when you’ll be collecting offers, e.g., “I’ve just started interviewing. I expect to get through all my interviews and onsites in the next 6 weeks and start collecting offers 2 months from now. Does that timeline work for you?”
  • If the recruiter is making an offer, do not react to what you’re being told beyond expressing enthusiasm. Say that you need some time to process and/or talk to your {family, partner, spouse}.
  • For questions about comp expectations at the beginning of the process: At this point, I don’t feel equipped to throw out a number because I’d like to find out more about the opportunity first – right now, I simply don’t have the data to be able to say something concrete. If you end up making me an offer, I would be more than happy to iterate on it if needed and figure out something that works. I promise not to accept other offers until I have a chance to discuss them with you.
  • For questions about comp expectations at the end of the process: It sounds like there’s an offer coming, and I’m really excited about it. I’m not sure exactly what number I’m looking for, but if you’d be able to share what an offer package might look like, then I will gladly iterate on it with you if needed and figure out something that works. I promise not to accept other offers until I have a chance to discuss them with you.
  • For questions about where else you’re interviewing at the beginning of the process: I’m currently speaking with a few other companies and am at various stages with them. I’ll let you know if I get to the point where I have an exploding offer, and I promise not to accept other offers until I have a chance to discuss them with you.
  • For questions about where else you’re interviewing at the end of the process: I’m wrapping things up with a few companies and in process with a few more. I promise to keep you in the loop, and I promise not to accept other offers until I have a chance to discuss them with you.

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  • One of the main goals is to make sure whatever negative experiences or emotions you experienced in your First Space don’t carry over into your Second Space.
  • What went well in my previous task or role?
  • What did I achieve during that time?
  • How did I improve or learn from that experience?


  • Deep breathing
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Physical exercise


  • Define intent
  • Visualise success
  • Adapt to the situation

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  • St Martin-in-the-Fields: St Martin’s is London’s most central church, mere metres from the official centre of Charing Cross. Yet it was not always thus. Braun and Hogenberg’s map of London shows the church to be on the very edge of the then-village of Charing, with open fields immediately north, where today you’d find the London Coliseum, the Chandos, and, um, Pret.
  • Tottenham Court Road: Curiously, the names of Tottenham in north London and Tottenham Court Road are not thought to be related.

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  • Usually, the egg is fertilised in the Fallopian tube and then moves down into the uterus. But sometimes the fertilised egg travels the wrong way, falls out of the fallopian tube and disappears.
  • In Nhlahla’s case, the fertilised egg had nestled on the surface of the liver, a rich source of blood, then grew into the liver, complete with placenta, amniotic sac and amniotic fluid to keep the baby safe.

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