Consumption Week 22

My notes from some of the media I consumed this week.

  • The purpose of bankruptcy is to give desperate people and companies time and relief from creditors so they can get back on their feet. But not all creditors are treated equally. Bankruptcy law gives secured creditors such as banks, law firms, the Internal Revenue Service and equipment suppliers — but not environmental costs or fines — priority for payment.
  • Knowing that they won’t end up on the hook for reclamation, other coal companies buy mines out of bankruptcy — and then often go bankrupt themselves. The ProPublica analysis identified 2,030 mines in Kentucky and West Virginia that have been through bankruptcy since 2012 — more than a third of all coal mines in those states. Of the bankrupt mines, 491, or 24 percent, have gone through more than one bankruptcy.

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  • Don’t want to pay damages for poisoning people? Split your company into two - one bankrupt one to take the blame (but be unable to pay), one for BAU. Fortunately, the law is fighting back.

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  • Wizz Air ruined UK immigration statistics

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  • [People aged 65+ years] is expected to hit 16% in 2050, and eventually 24% by 2100.

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  • The anonymous Wikipedia editor who changed the look of the flag in 2017 wrote that he or she did so for “color correction” purposes, noting that the Vatican’s coat of arms includes the red at the bottom of the tiara. The only problem? The Vatican’s official flag design renders the coat of arms differently, with the circular bottom of the tiara in white.

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  • Fun idea, shame physics got in the way.

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  • Impressive stuff. Some skills are pointless, sure, but still impressive. The key? Not giving up.

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  • Almost 50 minutes on our rainy rock. As usual, a good video from GN. Although I didn’t know I’m a Janner.

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  • Reusables are cheaper and greener.

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