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  • Anterior mid-cingulate cortex correlates with willpower. It grows by doing things you don’t want to, especially physically, such as going for a run in the rain or taking a cold shower, or not doing things you want to, like eating the cookie. It doesn’t grow by putting in effort, such as a hard run that you actually enjoy. It’s a possible predictor of life duration. [1]
  • How to improve your life in 2024 according to science: minimise pre-sleep light; fidget; get cold; get dirty; talk to strangers; be scared; learn skills; exercise; breathe; make friends; forgive; eat colours; drink coffee; have a hobby [2]
  • Have:want ratio for happiness - you can increase haves (works temporarily) or decrease wants (works permanently) [3]
  • Always have a top three goals, not an infinite list (for day, month, year; for a project; etc) [3]
  • Sabbaticals are essential (minimum 6 weeks; one example, simply read incessantly); build habits: obvious (in sight in mind), easy (start small), attractive (pick the exercise you enjoy most), satisfying (reward) [3]
  • Low-carb (lower calories, lower GI) rice cookers exist [3]
  • Instead of New Year’s resolutions, have New Year’s anticipations - what am I looking forward to? [5]
  • Build a Strategic Life Strategy using organisational principles (purpose, visions, benchmarks, etc). Strategic life areas including relationships, body/mind/spirit, community/society, job/learning/finances, interests/entertainment, personal care. Plot importance vs satisfaction. [4 - images]
  • A statistical analysis of astrological signs against 37 different life outcomes showed no correlation (an r value of 0) [13]
  • Change your state (low to high, e.g. through exercise) before trying to fix things [26]
  • Your “waiting room” of things to do, projects to tackle, opportunities to address, people to see, and ideas to pursue will always be full. You will never make a dent in it—and expecting otherwise will only serve to create anxiety. [28]
  • Motion vs action. Planning feels like action, but it’s only motion. [31]
  • Chinese doesn’t have a way of writing foreign words; they use their character sounds but ignore the underlying meaning (whereas their language is typically more about the meaning than the sounds). When speaking Korean names, they use the hanja behind the meanings and pronounces them in the Chinese way, so in some situations they sound quite different. [6]
  • Tolerance of intolerance is cowardice [17]
  • Japanese has the fastest speaking rate, but French and English have the fastest information rates [19]
  • Transport for London gets ~70% of it’s money from fares. Most major cities globally are ~70% funded by governments. Hence why London public transport is so expensive. [21]
  • Sharing bed with partner has mixed results. Possible solution: two duvets. No food within 3 hours of bed was the best for males and females. Melatonin and yoga had mixed results. [10 - image]
  • Who is disproportionate attractive to you? [23]
  • You want your partner to be an experience good i.e. gets better with more time, more experience. If they instantly seem perfect, there may be a lot of competition [23]
  • Men like to solve tension, whereas women like tension - it’s why they like dramas and romcoms. If you listen to their problems, you’re relieving their tension - which turns them off. You need to add some tension to their life - add some dominance and submission, some uncertainty. [30]
  • You need great colleagues to do great work. One way to know: do they inspire you to work hard, to do your best? [12]
  • What do other people hate that you like? [23]
  • What feels like play to you that feels like work to others? [27]
  • Create the content you want to consume. Writing online enables serendipity at scale. You never know who’s reading. [24]
  • Spend as much time as possible with people with the “right” mindset (e.g. learn, earn) [27]
  • Do exciting work with exciting people [27]
  • BRRT: [b]uy a cash-flow business in a [r]ecession-resistant industry then [r]aise prices with inflation and value adds then add [t]ech [14]
  • PROMISE: [p]rofit / protected margins, [r]ecurring revenue, [o]nline presence, [m]outh to mouth marketing (referrals), [i]nterpersonal relationships, [s]ales tiers and subscriptions, [e]xpectations (reviews) [14]
  • Market Command Matrix: mindshare (how well customers know a company exists) vs resources (funding/capability) [32]
  • The mean year the S&P returned 10-20%, followed by 0-20%. One year, 40-50%, three years +40-50%. [7 - image]
  • Top 23 scientific and tech developments of 2023: 1. The implosion of Oceangate’s Titan submersible; 2. Canada’s Record Wildfires; 3. ‘Apocalypse’ wildfire in Lahaina, Hawaii ; 4. Rising UFO discussions in government; 5. Upcoming Northern Lights to be the strongest in 20 years; 6. COP28 Climate Summit in Dubai; 7. Surge in demand for Wegovy weight-loss drug; 8. AI’s growing influence; 9. India’s Chandrayaan-3 Moon Landing; 10. Next-gen microelectronics from Berkeley Lab; 11. The launch of the Autonomous Lab (A-Lab); 12. Bacteria that can ‘gobble’ up our plastic problem; 13. Ötzi the iceman’s new ancestry revelations; 14. Discovery of an ‘Einstein’ Tile; 15. Earth’s inner core reversal; 16. A 310-million-year-old ancient spider fossil; 17. Orcas break rudders and sink ships in the Strait of Gibraltar; 18. A mysterious undersea civilization; 19- JWST observes massive kilonova explosion for the first time; 20. Development of a supercapacitor from ancient materials; 21. Scientists record shockwaves in the cosmic web for the first time; 22. Japanese researchers find a simple and affordable way to store hydrogen; 23. Discovery of exoplanet twice the mass of Jupiter [8]
  • If the world stopped spinning: >1500kph winds, the air and the water blend, 6 months of day and 6 months of night [9]
  • Take any four-digit number, using at least two different digits (leading zeros are allowed). Arrange the digits in descending and then in ascending order to get two four-digit numbers, adding leading zeros if necessary. Subtract the smaller number from the bigger number. Go back to step 2 and repeat. The answer will be 6174. [16]
  • Knowing the maths behind pop-up tents makes them far easier to stow away. Saving this for later! [20]
  • 0-100kph in <1 second. How? Break it down to first principles (power, grip, strength) and improve all - plus find a loophole in the rules. [22]
  • An autonomous machine that drives around fixing cracks in roads before potholes appear. [25]
  • Until 2010, social media and social networking had equal search volume. Since then, social media has taken oven - along with the shift from these sites being about community and connection to being about influence and eyeballs. What else happened in 2010? The movie The Social Network came out. Did it accidentally cause the shift? [29]
  • “Mouse filmed tidying up man’s shed every night” Does it know what it’s doing? Why is it doing it? Was Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy correct? [11]
  • Orcas and humans used to work together to hunt whales… Until humans got greedy. [15]
  • Incredible six-hour conversation detailing years of fraud [18]
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