Security Blue Team's Blue Team Level 1 Review

Tl;dr Would I recommend BTL1? 100% yes! Will it help you get your first job in cyber security? 100% yes! Is it worth taking if you already work in cyber security? If you have less than a couple years, it probably is worth it, yes! Ntl;wr BackgroundIn 2020 I decided to embark upon a career in cyber security. My background was in electrical engineering and IT sales, among other things, so while I was computer-proficient, I didn’t have specific sysadmin or security skills.


The Linux unzip command unzips files to the same directory as the .zip file, or to a defined one. You can’t batch unzip. This script unzips all .zip files within a directory in a single command. If the .zip contains a single file, it is unzipped to the base directory. If the .zip contains multiple files, it is unzipped to a directory of the same name as the .zip. The .


Tools and Commands nmap searchsploit python netcat ReconStart with an nmap scan: $ sudo nmap -A -oA nmap The only open port is 80, a Apache/2.4.18 web server. View the web page in a browser and we find it’s the default page for FUEL CMS 1.4, which also gives us some basic info about the CMS. A quick Gobuster scan gives us nothing particularly useful: $ gobuster dir -u http://10.

Advent of Cyber 2

The first 23 days are simple bullet points describing how to do the task. Day 24 is a more complete write-up, as it was a more complete challenge! Table of Contents [Day 1] Web Exploitation: A Christmas Crisis [encoding] [Day 2] Web Exploitation: The Elf Strikes Back! [file upload] [Day 3] Web Exploitation: Christmas Chaos [brute force] [Day 4] Web Exploitation: Santas watching [brute force / fuzzing] [Day 5] Web Exploitation: Someone stole Santas gift list!

Splunk BOTSv3 Write-Up

Splunk have several “Boss of the SOC” datasets, simulating a security incident - think of it as a Blue Team/SIEM-based CTF. This is my write-up for BOTSv3, at the time of writing the most recent dataset available. It seems that Taedonggang, a North Korean group, have attacked Frothly, a beer maker… The official BOTSv3 page is here: https://github.com/splunk/botsv3 I wrote this on Notion, and it is best viewed there, as it is always up-to-date and is visually best.

Seek.com.au Job Scraper

Which terms are popular in job descriptions? Where are the jobs? Enter your search term and find out. Click Run ► Drag the separator between the code and the output to the top to maximise output

Australian Specified Work Postcode Checker

In Australia on a working holiday visa? Want to know if the place offering you work is in a regional area? Put in the postcode and find out here. And yes, it’s ugly - it’s a 5 minute GUI built with Flask (my first Flask project!) View on PythonAnywhere (external link)