Consumption Week 12

Solar on rails and reservoirs, GPS dinosaurs, a successful small business, and a Happy calf.

Vinay Gupta on Meditation

What enlightenment is Welcoming the cat We’re not going to actively catch the cat. It is not going to be caught. It is eventually going to come and sit on your lap because you show up in the same place at the same time every day and wait for it. That is a comfortable lap, I will come and sit on it. Emptying the sink The sink is now empty of dishes - how wonderful.

Consumption Week 11

Plastic waste, toilet paper, the housing crisis, and China’s global domination.

Do I Need to Own a Car? And the Future of Mobility.

I love cars - always have. I’ve been driving tractors as long as I remember. I got my driving licence within three months of when I was legally able to. And this love has expanded into motorbikes, when I first left the rain of the UK and experienced the joys of the Australian mountain roads. Currently I own a car (Fiesta ST) and motorbike (Yamaha Fazer) However, soon I move back to London.

Consumption Week 10

Emissions, negotiation, male-female differences, and wine-milk.

Consumption Week 9

Breathing well, living long, analysing religions, coffee-free coffee, and circumcision.

Your Head is a Houseboat - Campbell Walker

Wonderful book, 5/5. And short - you could read it in an evening. Of course the journalling will take longer - “Cleaning isn’t a one-time act, and neither is exploring and unravelling your head.” Before: At the end of a hard day, you probably feel more exhausted than a fly who doesn’t quite understand the mechanics of a window. You know the fly. They can’t see the open crack in the window and, much to your vicarious frustration, they keep flying at the window pane over and over again.

Consumption Week 8

Cocktail parties, meditation, supersonic aircraft, and Jeremy Clarkson.

The Different Types of Energy Storage

The world of energy storage is growing at a rapid pace. In this post I’ve collated the various articles, videos, and papers on the topic I’ve come across. Most is in note form, for my reference. I’ll update it every so often with new findings.

Consumption Week 7

How to start a cleantech company, the science of love and coffee, smart people having stupid beliefs, and where to be for the coming crisis.

The Fourth Turning - the High is coming!

Introduction“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.” Time goes through cycles. There is the economic cycle, one which everyone is all too aware of. There are Milankovitch cycles, when the climate changes due to variances in the eccentricity, axial tilt, and precession of the planet (which is separate to man-made climate change). There is Saṃsāra, the Buddhist concept of eternal life, death, and rebirth. Strauss and Howe’s Fourth Turning Model, written in the late 1990s, proposes a generational cycle that can be used to help explain the rises and falls of human history.

Imagining the Future of Energy

The harnessing of energy is one of the most transformative shifts in human history. Controlling fire enabled the cooking of food, which potentially led to an increased brain size; coal and the steam engine powered the industrial revolution, initiating accessible intercontinental travel and the spread of culture; and oil turned multi-week voyages into multi-hour trips - and our first steps off the Earth. Energy has been instrumental in human civilisation - and will continue to be so into our future.

Consumption Week 5

How to be happy, how to be fertile, magical calendars, and fun flights.

Wind and Solar Potential

Which countries have the most potential for wind and solar power? PV PotentialBased on data from https://globalsolaratlas.info/., here is a map of the best countries for solar: Unsurprisingly we have the deserts in Africa, the Middle East, and Chile. The map on the source website has much more precise intra-country data, so it is definitely worth checking out. Wind PotentialBased on data from https://globalwindatlas.info/, here is a map of the best countries for wind:

Consumption Week 4

Crab cars, mental distortions, anti-renewables smear campaigns, and Tiktok is destroying civilisation.

➤ Assorted Thoughts

Some things that popped into my mind and I decided to write down. They may only apply to me. They may be incorrect. They may be well-known concepts that I’m reminding myself of. Take it all with a pinch of salt - but I’d love to hear any comments, so feel free to reach out via LinkedIn or email. I’ll update this post every so often with additional thoughts. Self-control and focus Try to consciously pause for a split second and consider before acting.

Is it MECE? Use a Venn

MECE is one of the most well-known acronyms in consulting. Standing for Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive, it is a principle used when doing any form of segmentation, to ensure no duplication (ME) or missed items (CE). This exists in a bunch of scenarios, such as solving problems, writing documents, and preparing presentations. There are countless articles explaining what it is, so I won’t go into too much detail. These often include a Venn diagram or two to show ME and CE, but I haven’t seen them used to demonstrate the whole MECE concept - so that’s what I thought I’d do.